Garden and Outdoor Space Design Trends

I am planning an overhall of my garden and outdoor living area this Spring.  Naturally, I’m doing my research because I want something that is easy to take care of and beautiful.  Well, that’s a tall order but it’s my mission.

Here are a few things that are trending for outdoor spaces:

Pillows – textiles are not only warm up your indoor space, they add pops of color and comfort to your outdoor space.  There are many wonderful design patterns available in outdoor fabrics.

Vintage touches – make a humming bird feeder with salvaged materials like mason jars or add a shabby chic metal planter or an industrial armillary to your garden space.  Personalize your space with things you love.

Bees – Well, we tend to be nervous of BEES but don’t forget they are critical to our environment.  Find ways to live with the bees and remember to plant flowers rich with pollen.

Think outside of the BOX – Neat, organized and sculptured gardens are out of style.  Think of explosions of color and various shape like diamonds or triangles which are interesting.  Or, go wild and simply plant wild flowers in a random area of your yard.  Watch your flowers grow, sway in the breeze and bring fresh cut flowers into your home.  Messy is pretty!

Cocktail hour – We do enjoy a cocktail on our patio and deck but think about planting delicious herbs and fruits that you can add to your water or grown-up cocktails like mint, cucumbers, blueberries and strawberries.

Industrial Chic – I plan to add some chunky industrial pieces to my outdoor space, including a potting bench made of recycled wood pallets and a factory cart.  The cart will serve as our coffee table and the potting bench will be used as a bar or food serving station.

Accessories – just like scaping a coffee table with a tray, book, candle and something interesting like a vintage treasure, do the same for your outdoor space.  Realize what you bring outside will get wet but have fun thinking what can I put outside this year.  A vintage pulley on a side table, hand painted pots filled with your favorite herbs, a metal armillary or garden art.

Paint something – Use American Paint Company’s paint to transform something in a bright color.  Read more in an this blog we wrote about painting outdoor objects.

Have fun with your outdoor space.  Take a chance and do something different.  Our season of gardening in New England is shorter than some, so lets embrace the time we have outdoors and make our garden, deck and patio space special and personal.

Inspiration Photos are all curtesy of us, Ivy Lane in Newburyport, MA:

Potting Bench made with reclaimed materials – Ivy Lane

Reclaimed Iron Bed, now planter – Ivy Lane

Pops of color found at Pettingill Farm, Salisbury, MA

Outdoor lantern possibility – Ivy Lane

Outdoor fabric cushions – Ivy Lane

Custom pillows – Ivy Lane

Outdoor signs – Ivy Lane

Signs and welded, reclaimed planter – Ivy Lane

Potting bench and lots of galvanized metal – Ivy Lane

Cart coffee table and succulant plants – Ivy Lane

Industrial Cart and Outdoor Pillows – Ivy Lane






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