Not Your Grandmother’s Sofa….

Spring is finally here and so many of us are itching for change and a pop of color – not just outside, but inside as well! So, if you’re updating and sprucing your interiors, here’s a great way to create a fabulously unique seating arrangement that will be sure to impress your company and make your family and friends envious of your design creativity!

I often talk to clients who struggle with where to start with a design project and many claim they don’t even “know what they like”, but anyone can find something that appeals to them no matter how large or small.  In fact, anything will do, particularly if you find yourself stuck all the time – even just a piece of fabric that appeals to your sense of style, a small accessory, or a piece of wall art. Any piece of inspiration can be the start of something FABULOUS regardless of how insignificant it may seem. And if you still need help with getting inspired, help is available with Holly Gagne Interior Designs, a well recognized local interior designer, and our personal favorite at Ivy Lane of Newburyport.

So here’s a piece of inspiration to start off a one of a kind seating area with tons of unique interest. First, an antique sofa frame, available at Ivy Lane, of course. Pictured here, a fantastic buy at only $250 and you’re guaranteed to never have that “oh my god she has the same dress on” moment because this is a blank canvas sure to be every bit as unique as you are.

This photo is a “before shot” of  the sofa before we had it deconstructed.  The second photo is a “teaser” shot of her without her velvet fabric.  What we found underneath was amazing.  A solid frame, beautiful wood and burlap ready for someone to convert her into something amazing.

Depending on your flair for design, and taste for color, choose a fabric with colors and prints that suit you. Paint the wooden sofa frame or leave it natural? Choose a soothing and cozy neutral palette and kick up the color with accessories and throw pillows.  Or, if you’re a bit more daring, choose a bright colored fabric with lots of textural interest.

Upholstery and fabric choices are also available through Holly Gagne.

The pictures that follow are all great examples and inspiration of the potential for the beautiful sofa we have for sale at Ivy.  Photos were found on Pinterest.


Written by, Ivy Lane’s Cherly Judge

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