Before and After Results

Before and After

Today, we are sharing a few before and after transformations we did.  Each piece of furniture we are sharing was unwanted and/or dated.  Each piece found a new home and is now loved. We used American Paint Company products for … Continue reading

American Paint Company’s Wax 101

American Paint Company’s (APC) wax is soft and goes on like butter.  The product is all natural with zero VOCs.    It is virtually odor free!  What a relief… A great product that you can apply indoors (without a ventilator). APC’s wax is an all natural product and does look different than other waxes. A little goes a long way so the value is great.

For best results, I paint a piece and let it sit for a couple days before I apply a thin layer of wax to seal. Use a clean wax brush to apply the wax.  I find using a cloth to apply wax is tricky because of LINT.  Lint from your cloth will get into the wax and onto the paint surface and it’s frustrating and near impossible to correct.  Avoid this all together and use a brush.

This is a picture of my favorite wax brush.  I have three of these beauties:  one for paint, the second for clear wax and the third for dark wax.  LOvE, LoVe. LOve!  We sell these if you need one! $29.95.

Confession time: I have waxed a piece of furniture the same day as I painted, but it’s tricky because if the paint is not fully dry you may pull the paint off with the wax. If you can give some space between your paint and wax application, it is best.

The first time I waxed, I added a thin layer and the next day I had splotches on my furniture. It was a simple fix…I was so light on the wax it required a second coat. I’d rather the need to add a second, thin coat of wax than put too much wax on your piece. Too much wax will leave the piece sticky and it’s hard to remedy.   If you over wax your piece, I first recommend that you attempt to buff it out.  If that fails, use denatured alcohol to remove the excess wax.  So far, fingers crossed, this has not happened to me personally.

How much wax to use?  Think of your furniture as a piece of toast and the wax is your butter.  You’re on a diet and prefer toast with butter vs dry.  Spread your wax on the furniture  – or butter on your toast – lightly and evenly to avoid too many calories.  Too much wax is like to much butter on toast — not good for the diet.

How to apply?  Work in small sections.  The paint will darken as you apply the wax.  This is a good thing as you can see where the wax was applied.  The natural paint color returns when the wax is dry.  If waxing over a light color, sometimes it “appears” the paint is lifting.  My advice… carry on.  Once wax is dry, it will be fine; however, if you didn’t apply a good final coat of paint, the wax will show this flaw.   Wipe off excess wax that may collect in corners.

Next step is BUFFING.  I like to buff a few hours after I apply the wax. Sometimes I wait overnight to buff the wax and other times I wait a couple days. There doesn’t seem to be an expiration date on when you can buff.  To buff, I take a soft, lint free cloth and just rub the surface in light, repetitive motion.  Buffing unveils the beautiful finish and hardens the wax.  The more you buff, the stronger the surface.

Dark wax is a beautiful way to add a natural aged patina look to your furniture.   I prefer and always add dark wax over clear wax.  A little goes a long way.  Rule of thumb:  use less dark than clear.

How I apply Dark Wax:   I apply clear wax, wait about 30 minutes and then go over it with my dark wax.  I only use a small amount.  I’d rather go back and add more dark wax to my piece if needed.  Clear wax can be used as an eraser if too much dark was applied.

Again, work in small sections with a wax brush and wipe back the dark wax as you go with a lint-free cloth.  I work the dark wax over clear wax so I can manipulate the wax to go where I want it — corners, wood details and edging. I rarely go over my entire piece with dark wax, but you can!  Where you add the wax is a matter of preference.   I designate a brush to dark wax application.  I keep a clear wax brush AND a dark wax brush.

Clean Up:   I do recommend you wash your wax brushes after use.  I love American Paint Company’s Cleanser for washing brushes and cleaning my furniture before I paint.  It’s concentrated and the bottle I purchased is lasting a very, very long time.  It has a fresh lemon smell and a great value.

I hope this is helpful! Remember, we are always here to answer your questions.  Here are some pictures of our work using wax.

Some wonderful paint colors.

Clear wax applied.




Clear wax applied all over, dark wax applied to half. Adds brownish tint to light colors and deepens dark colors.

Paint Workshops

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