Ideas for Burlap Coffee Bags

I couldn’t help notice the customers admiring a pile of burlap coffee bags Ivy displayed at The Vintage Bazaar.  I also noticed their look of confusion as they were thinking, “what in the heck would I do with one of these?.  The colors and vintage styled print and images on the burlap coffee bags are really cool and eye catching.  It’s an object I like because of the natural element of the burlap and the fun colors in the graphics. A group of us started to brainstorm ideas of what DIY projects and here are a few we came up with.  Before I could count how many coffee bags we had, they were all sold!  I use my coffee burlap bags to wrap my floor plants, and I also use them as a Christmas tree skirt, but I love the ideas below as well!

All photos were found on Pinterest.  I do love Pinterest.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are some creative ideas.

Burlap message board.

Coffee bag upholstered bench.

Coffee bag upholstered chairs.

Coffee bag lined recycle bin or laundry basket.


For us serious outdoor market shoppers, a lined shopping cart.

Easy, DIY project would be reupholstering your dining or kitchen chairs with coffee bags.

This is a great framed coffee bag for kitchen art.

Coffe bags can be turned into pillow covers. Tip: Wash well by hand first.

Christmas stockings made with coffee burlap bags with green graphics ~ brilliant!





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