CeCe Caldwell’s Waxing Cream

 Waxing Cream – What is it? And, how is it different?

cece caldwell aging cream

CeCe Caldwell developed a new product called “Waxing Cream” (pictured).  There are some differences between this product and the original, “Clear Wax” so I want to share with you what I know.  This intelligence was shared directly from CeCe Caldwell’s Corporation:

Instructions for use:   Apply a VERY thin coat of Waxing Cream. Similar to the amount that you would have on a paint brush if you were dry brushing with paint.  SPARINGLY is the KEY word!

Rub/buff in with a cloth/rag. Most find this thin, first coat is ALL that is needed. It shines up quickly with a light buffing.

Then you can immediately add a second coat if needed/desired.

The process for applying Waxing Creme and Clear Wax is actually the same, only make sure you use even less Waxing Cream on your brush than with the Clear Wax.  Rule of thumb, less is more!

The number one (1) mistake made with any wax is over applying it. With all waxes, you will achieve best results if you apply 2 light coats versus one heavy coat. If you are getting splotching – you have applied too much.

NOTE: Stir your Waxing Cream lightly to make sure it is well mixed.


Uses less wax to achieve better results (more economical, which is always a good thing)
Less effort (buffing) needed to get higher shine (save the muscles for more painting)
Deeper penetration of wax into the paint (always a good thing)

I hope this is helpful.  We at Ivy Lane are always available to answer questions and eager to share what we know as you discover the fabulous world of Chalk and Mineral Paints and Natural Finishes.


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