Before and After Results

Today, we are sharing a few before and after transformations we did.  Each piece of furniture we are sharing was unwanted and/or dated.  Each piece found a new home and is now loved.

We used American Paint Company products for each transformation.  Here are a few important facts about American Paint Company’s Products:

  • Self-adhering – No sanding or Priming
  • Natural – Zero VOCs
  • Easy clean up – warm, soapy water
  • Beautiful colors and no strong odor

We sell American Paint Company products and we do ship.

Paint = Peacock
Finish = Top Coat and Black Glaze

Paint = Tumbleweed and Home Plate
Finish = Clear Wax and Dark Wax

Paint = Dollar Bill, Home Plate and Smoke Signal on Stencil
Finish = Clear Wax



Paint = custom mix of Born of The 4th of July and Blue Jeans
Finish = Wax


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